Face Mask Innovation

(save money, save environment, multi-functional long term use)

Three parts

   1) Reusable Gill Mask

       (respirator shell)

   2) Reusable Filter Cartridge 

       (can insert various filters

        eg. Surgical, ASTM 1-3,

        select N95)


   3) Disposable Filter


Key Benefits

  • comfort

  • air-tight fit (confident protection)

  • Cnd MDEL certified

- HOW do you manage 

air-borne viruses

- USE PROPER DESIGN (reusable mask with replacable cartridges and tight/flexible silicone seal)

Gill Respirator Mask

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Save Money

reusable mask lasts years, enables disposable masks to go 6 times farther (cut a disposable mask into 6 Gill Mask filters) or buy pre-cut disposable filters from us 

Multi-functional Use

a Gill filter cartridge allows for various filter types to be inserted... you select protection level based on the filter type you insert (e.g. cloth, surgical, charcoal, select N95/KN95, Level 1/2/3, dust, etc)

Save Environment

over a 60 day period, 60 disposable masks are discarded (hazardous waste), however with a Gill Mask you throw away 8.7 mask equivalent (Gill filter is 1/6 size of a disposable mask)

Air-tight Comfort

COVID-19 is airborne, help combat airborne particles with air-tight fit

(disposable masks are generally barriers not designed for air-tight fit, Gill silicone facepiece easily fits to contours of your face)

Gill Mask is a



long lifespan

(wash & reuse), 

filter cartridge allows for filters to easily be replaced daily or weekly,

secure fit design 

(scuba concept)

What are other masks-types

& how do they compare?



not air-tight designed, disposable/short term 

use, difficult/leaky fit, fabric touches face, only uses 

1 type  of filter

NOTE: if equipped with exhaust flap the virus is allowed to escape to the air


long term reusable mask 

designed with replaceable

multi-type cartridges,

secure fit (silicone & rubber scuba concept), heavy duty

industrial use, integrates with full face mask, heavy weight, hazmat focused design

More views of the Gill mask






filters can be cut by user from a disposable mask to maximize value and get 4-8 filters from one disposable mask

(e.g. dust, surgical, Level 1/2/3, select N95/KN95, etc)




you can order from us packages of pre-cut filters (inserts) that are already cut to size for the cartridge 

(ten filters/package)

* NOTE: with an increasing variety of N95/KN95 disposable masks it is recommended to contact us to confirm Manufacturers we have tested and passed or else buy from ISO approved factories and conduct independent testing


The most commonly tested filters that pass within the Gill Mask are from 3M

(e.g. 3M9210, 3M8210)


cartridge (empty)



(sizing filter material)



(loaded with filter)

Are Gill masks & filters certified?

Gill products are approved by Canadian Regulatory with a licence to import medical devices (MDEL Licence # 13835). Products include: 

  • Gill Respirator Face Mask (ISO 13485 & 14001, EN10993, skin compatibility, C02, flammability, field of vision, head harness)

  • Gill Filter FS2 (EN 14683 certified and approved in Canada with BFE >=98%). Gill filters are pre-cut to fit the cartridge & come 10 to a package.

How does it differ from a surgical mask?

Basic face masks (e.g. surgical, dental, dust, home-made cloth) are not designed for airborne protection and act as barriers for splashes and large droplets.


Respirators are designed to protect against airborne contaminants such as aerosols that can float in the air for hours.

See link from CDC that explains more:  link

Surgical Mask FAQ

What protection do surgical masks provide?

- the person wearing the face mask protects other people by spreading less splashes and large droplets and preventing them from travelling farther distances - splashes/large droplets have less chance to enter the mouth/nose of the person wearing the face mask - it should be noted that surgical masks are not the same as surgical respirators. Masks are made to act as barriers to splashes or aerosols such as the moisture from a sneeze, and they fit loosely to the face. Respirators are made to filter out airborne particles such as viruses and bacteria, and create a seal around the mouth and nose. Respirators should be used in cases when patients have viral infections or particles, vapor, or gas are present.

What are surgical masks designed for?

- surgical masks are designed to keep operating rooms sterile, preventing germs from the mouth and nose of a wearer from contaminating a patient during surgery - although surgical masks have seen a rise in popularity among consumers during outbreaks such as the coronavirus, surgical masks are not designed to filter out viruses, which are smaller than germs - surgical masks are not designed to seal tightly against a persons face or prevent inhalation of small or airborne contaminents - when used properly, both face masks and respirators play important roles for different types of hazards

Is there a link that further explains surgical masks and respirators?

Please visit the link below from the "Ocupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) (within the US Department of Labour) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovSLAuY8ib8

What comes with your purchase?

(opening the box)

For an independent review, please click link below:


NOTE: each Gill mask box in Canada will come with:

  • 1 Gill mask 

  • 2 empty filter cartridges (Note: no filters are included however pre-cut filters are sold separately in bulk)

Where can I download more product brochures?



Services, Support

& Focus

- airborne & water-borne PPE (personal protective equipment) businesses must stay up-to-date in this rapidly changing "post-covid-era", we have decades of experience in being agile
- we support new ways to work and live together as virus outbreaks cause tremendous ripple effects
- our partnership networks (governments, businesses & academics) strive to continually make a difference with the customer in mind

History of EcoLibra PPE

What background does EcoLibra have in PPE?

- EcoLibra has decades of experience in multiple types of Sustainable Technology-Based Industries (health-care, construction, water/wastewater, IT, manufacturing), we were incorporated in 2008 and have a proud history of providing innovative customer value - EcoLibra is specialized in dealing with extreme contaminants that can cause rapid death (water-borne/air-borne viruses, pathogens, gases, particulates, etc.) - EcoLibra adheares to a transparent approach that has resulted in trusting long-term relationships and references with multiple First Nations, Governmental Departments, Academics, Associations, Businesses and Developers

How does EcoLibra PPE link protection with good value?

- EcoLibra has a strong history of being innovative to ensure a solution overlaps Economics, Environment, Education & Social Health - Our team includes leading Engineers, Biologists and health back-ground professionals that think outside the box and remain purpose driven - EcoLibra stands behind their products to ensure value, warranty, certifications and support - EcoLibra looks at life-cycle costing to ensure what we sell makes sense (business case is relevant to save every customer money and time) - EcoLibra supports customers with up-to-date educastion to ensure proper buying decisions are made (e.g. masks that make sense and can be reusable, optional filter use based on the type of protection needed (e.g. N95/N99/N100, R95/R99/R100, dust, P95, etc.) and backed by top-quality manufacturing

How do we differ than what experts are saying in the news?

EcoLibra PPE keeps focused on: - Global Scientists & Experts continue to advance virus related knowledge & safety so models and approaches must be flexible and open to continual advancement - Everyone is affected, the situations are changing and will continue to change - Experts often focus on impacts to a population, however EcoLibra looks at impact on self, family and friends - Experts often look at mortality rates, EcoLibra looks at consequences of being sick - Raising awareness as a community and managing risks is a role we all need to play

History of the innovative Gill mask

How did the concept of this "mid-level" mask start?

In early days of COVID-19, officials in Singapore approached an innovative Engineering and Design Company to create a mask to address problems associated with Base-Level Masks. The market needed a top quality product (move away from disposable models). There needed to be certifications but with a focus on the filter. The Facilities to manufacture also should have experience with health care equipment. The award-winning mDesign Organization produced the mask and is now in full production and support of the product around the world. For further details about the manufacturer, please visit their websites at: www.mas-gill.com or for details on the Design Company please visit https://www.mdesign.com.sg

What mask problems did this mask design address?

An advanced design mask was needed and had to address problems related to the traditional disposable "dust-mask styles". Example key problems include: - COVID-19 is airborne, a mask needs to be designed to address this risk most masks follow the traditional surgical mask design (dust-mask style) which allows viruses to enter at cheeks/chin areas (especially during heavy breathing) - need a good seal around the nose (instead of using a metal band) - masks are commonly disposable so the life-cycle and long term costs are too expensive - millions of disposable masks create health, garbage and environmental problems - masks cannot be adjusted to filter out various levels of contaminants (e.g. N95 is a good grade, but for COVID-19 people could switch filters and use N99 or N100)


Current Introductory Order Process:

1 a) Mask orders in small volumes:   CLICK   PayPal   link below

   b) Product is mailed (with tracking #) via Canada Post after payment is received

2) For mask orders >10 or filters, please email us directly (discounts available)

Note: multiple retail outlets across Canada are in discussion and will be finalized shortly, thus pricing and order process are subject to change

Introductory Price Reference Tables 

(all prices in CAD, do not include taxes and are subject to change)


Current Shipping & Handling

- shipping is from Saskatoon, SK and takes 3-5 business days

- for orders greater than 10 masks, please contact us for shipping costs

NOTE: orders outside North America may be subject to

additional duties based on country

How can I ensure a proper fit?

Respirator Safety and Proper Fit

For any questions or large orders,

please contact us directly at:


COVID-19  Q & A

What Experts Are Saying

What is the virus name as per World Health Organization (WHO)?

virus: severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (or SARSCoV2)

- disease: coronavirus (or COVID-19)

- virus group: coronavirus (crown-like spikes on the virus)

How Far can the virus float?

- in aerosol form it easily circulates for hours and can travel greater than 2 meters

How long is it airborne?

- can attach to breath & aerosols & can survive circulating in air for up to 16 hours

How small is it?

- nano-sized, however becomes embedded in aerosols as small as 3-10 microns (a hair is 75 microns)

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